About Us

Thank you for this opportunity to introduce our company, Darrell Julian Construction, Inc. Licensed to do business in the state of New Mexico, we specialize in residential and commercial rough framing, wall panels and components. We are proud to say that we have been in business for over thirty years.

Currently, we employ in excess of 320 framing carpenters. Knowledgeable field supervisors and panel plant managers maintain and facilitate close communication with our design-build teams at all times. Our in-house staff diligently strives to solve technical issues prior to and during construction, saving you both time and money. Our competent administrative staff manages our corporation's daily affairs, preparing estimates, and resolving technical matters. All billing and accounting tasks are individualized to efficiently process each general contractors requirements.

Acquiring vast experience over the years, while framing thousands of projects, we prepare all material take-offs, scheduling each delivery for your project. This enables us to negotiate superior prices for our builders, cutting costs, and efficiently, consistently completing the job timely, within budget, and meeting any critical path schedules which your project may deserve.

Given the expertise acquired by working with numerous developers, we have a strong understanding of the value of maintaining open lines of communication. We coordinate as necessary to keep major projects on schedule. Our staff competence and experience within the Darrell Julian system allows us to control inevitable, critical situations that occur in most projects.

Darrell Julian Construction, Inc. offers our services to your company, with the goal of entering into a mutually profitable business relationship. Thank you for the opportunity to acquaint you with our company.


Safety is one of the main issues that Darrell Julian Construction, Inc. takes very seriously,with every job that our company undertakes we make sure that safety is the top priority. We pride ourselves on having a safety program in place that keeps our project managers up to date with the latest safety requirements.

At Darrell Julian Construction, Inc. everyone, including managers and subcontractors, understands the value of a safe working environment and practice the proper procedures. At Darrell JUlian Construction, Inc. we have a Safety Engineer who walks jobsites daily to ensure that everyone is complying with the safety procedures set forth by our company. Communication is key in all areas of safety.